Wednesday, April 28, 2010

K is for......

Ketchup. It's red, smooth, tomato flavour compliments my meal. It is a tomato sensation in your mouth
. Its rich, thick taste comes from vine-ripedded tomatoes.

You can have plenty of meals involving ketchup. Such as chicken nuggets, macaroni, hamburgers and chicken burgers, french fries, fish, keesh, eggs, hotdogs, grilled cheese, sausage and much much more. I heard that its good for you and..... the bottle is recyclable!

Now I know you know that ketchup stains your clothes like crazy, but, you know, you can always carry a tide-to-go stick with you, I mean, come on. It's irrasistable. I can't have a hamburger with no ketchup. Ketchup just completes it.

I guess that I said all of the good things about ketchup, but I didn't include the bad.
Where do I start ? Well...... when you think of ketchup, you think of just tomatoes. Right? I just found out that mushrooms and walnuts are added to the mix. Ew right. But i guess that can't really stop you from liking it. Maybe it could, but it doesnt for me. You can't have your grilled cheese with no ketchup. It's just not natural.
Life lesson: don't judge a book by its cover.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

E is for Eventing.

I love swimming. But one thing that I love to do more is competitive horseback riding. I've been doing this for about 4 years now. Dressage, stadium and cross-country are the three events you do in "eventing."

Dressage is a french term meaning "training"
It has competitions held at all levels, from amateur to olympics. It's purpose is to develop training methods, the horse's natural abilities. You need to perform the requested movement in the test but also remain relaxed appearing effortless. Some people call it "horse ballet." This is probably my least favorite event because it takes extra time for me to get better. 

Stadium is simple, but can be challenging. You have to walk a course in a ring of jumps, and memorize it. You then have to jump it. Your being judged for the time you spend and how many rails you knock down. 

And last but not least. Cross-country. My favorite. Cross country is all about jumping logs, tires, barrels, banks, ditches, water jumps and even little houses. In this event, the rails do not fall down. You need to be extremely careful jumping it. Some horse and riders flip over, the two front legs get caught on the jump. Scary right? This is why horse back riding can be so dangerous, but its still my favorite thing to do. 

life lesson- be safe when riding!  

Monday, February 15, 2010


Laurel and I have had so much good times together. Everytime we hang out, there's always a good story to tell, like when she taught me how to water ski, and we decided we wanted  to go bare foot water skiing at the same time, when it was like my 3rd time in my life! And when I went to her house in grade 5 and we both swore we'd pull an all nighter. And we fell asleep at like 8:oo. Those are good times, but I have more.

Our craziest times were all in two weeks, back at sailing camp. I wanted to be in Laurels level so bad that I would do anything, so I said that I was in level 3. When I've never sailed in my life. We'd go on a big sailboat by our selves and I didn't know what I was doing, and Laurel, yeah she couldn't do everything, so we'd tip the boat 9 times in an hour. That's not even a record for us, it happened 12 one time. So we go out in this boat, and the weather's crappy, and I brought my sunglasses for some reason, and put them on the side of the boat to do my hair, and Laurel shouts "LIGHTNING!!!!!" and I turn around and go "WHERE?!" and my hand knocks the glasses in the water. And Laurel is on the floor laughing. We still laugh at that.

Another time was when Laurel came over to my house and she was wearing my shorts, then we decided to paint our nails. We both needed nail polish remover and Laurel accidently spilled some on my shorts and I was freaking out! I was like " LAUREL, PUT THEM UNDER WATER." and I grabbed them, but they were caught on her heal, and she tripped on the hard floor, she almost cried! But the good thing is that no tears came out! So we laughed for almost 5 minutes. And soon after that, it turned out it wasn't even nail polish remover. It was water.  

Laurel is a great friend. 
Life lesson: friends should last a lifetime!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday, October 19, the whole middle school went to Norval for the day. We were each assigned a group to work with for all of the activities. Everyone in our group was standing behind a rope. We could only use 3 boards and 5 ledges in the middle of the area and a rope for our activity. Our task was to get everyone on the other side of another rope without touching the ground. For example, I would start and off.  If I lost my balance and fell, I had to go back to the very begining. I was the first one up. It was very easy to get on the other side. But was extremely difficult to help others across and you had to rotate boards around, because there was only 3. Someone had a great idea and said that we should use the rope to help balance across the board once someone gets on the other side. In the end, we all made it across. I think that that activity was the most difficult because we all had to help each other out the whole time and think of new ideas on how it could be easier to walk across. I think that this activity was the most fun, yet the one you had to do the most thinking.

The second activity was about working together to take tire off of a post. For example, everyone would be holding Thomas in the air to take the tire off. We sucessfuly did it but then we were told to put it back on. This activity required the most team work! Because there would be 4 people holding Thomas up, and people to spot the people holding him up and spotters for the spotters. This activity was the hardest one because you had to be very strong and there was a lot of team work.

Overall, I think that it was a fantastic day, because we did all kinds of things like, speed walking tag, drumming, team work games and thinking games.
I have to say the most fun thing for me was the drumming. I had lots of fun and I can't wait to go next year. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Does Clothing Shape Who I Am?

Does clothing shape who you are? To me, yes. If you walked down the hallway of the school with cats all over your shirt what do you think people will think of you? People would probably think that you love cats. Or if you were in a resturant eating breakfast with the latest shoes and nice matching clothes. Do you think that that person cares about what they wear? Of course it does, it means she actually took the time to see if her clothes where matching. So clothes really do show your personality. You can show what kind of hockey team you like just by wearing a t-shirt, or what kind of stores you like to shop at. For example, if you were tring out a job at Guess and almost all of your clothes that your wearing are arecrombie and fitch and the other person next to you is tring out for the same job and is wearing some Guess clothes, Which one do you think will get the job. The person who likes Guess and actually wishes to work there and would set good examples for the people shopping or the girl who loves abrecrombie and fitch more than Guess and sets bad examples for the people who are shopping at Guess?

Now a days people are always wanting the new trends. Some people would get picked on for not having real uggs. This reminds me of when my friend's sister just got brand a brand  new pair of uggs and my friend really liked them so she got herself a pair of fake ones but she didn't realize they were fake because the look identicle and her sister laughed at her because they where fake and she took them back and got real ones. This means that my friend does care about wether she has the latest fashion. 

Clothing makes a first impression on you and who you are. Even though some people get picked on for wearing fake uggs, which isn't nice. Everyone where's there clothes to tell people who they really are.